About Sonic Solveig

Creating top-of-the-range digital content
Surrounded by musicologists, teachers, scientists, videogame creators and scriptwriters, the Sonic Solveig team ensures the quality of the artistic, musical and educational content of each application, proposing new modes of interactive narration, with a simple yet intuitive navigation, and high-level aesthetics.

Training the future trainers
Following the success of the Sonic Solveig workshops in multimedia libraries and schools, Sonic Solveig offers training courses for the use of its musical applications as part of participative workshops. Educational behaviours and equipment are called upon in these courses, proposing various educational scenarios for education professionals.

Bringing a transmedia experience
Have you ever wanted to bring a piece of a concert back home? In collaboration with the company Les Clés de l’écoute, Sonic Solveig proposes a show augmented with a musical app for concert halls, opera houses and orchestras. Available before and after the show, the application enables to prepare for the event, as well as prolonging the magic of the concert at home.

Accompanying thanks to our musical and digital expertise
The Sonic Solveig agency accompanies cultural actors in their digital development: from the conception to the creation of interactive musical content. Always on the lookout for musical and digital innovation throughout the world, Sonic Solveig is also an actor in the development of traditional digital networks via meetups.

Geraldine’s experience at 104factory

Hello, my name is Geraldine Aliberti, founder of Sonic Solveig, a space of digital creation of interactive musical and audio content.

104factory’s coaching consists in innovation cafés, encounters with artists that are hosted at the CENTQUATRE and with whom one can exchange. It’s also an access to trade fairs. It enables us to rub shoulders with many other stimulating projects.

At 104factory we are also accompanied through the difficult times. It is always very important to feel supported when we are in the development stage, when we are still looking for our own business model, it is very stimulating!

“At 104factory we are supported throught the good and bad times.”

I remember a particularly interesting experience that happened outside of the 104. I was looking at innovative solutions to bring life to cultural spaces such as operas. I therefore used the CENTQUATRE as a model, a space of social diversity and a real study case on how to implement a cultural centre in a neighbourhood.

During our business acceleration, we also gave “Sonic Solveig” workshops at the CINQ, an establishment of artistic education that proposes art workshops to classes at the end of the school day. Over the course of a year we gave meetup conferences during which we invited several innovating businesses in the field of music and innovation to come and talk about their experiences and their projects at the CENTQUATRE.