About Spoon.

SPooN is a team of experts passionate about interactive robotics, proposing to redefine our way of interacting with technology.

Combining behavioural design and human-machine interaction, the company creates artificial creatures called “Spoonies”. They are interactive characters that are curious about the people surrounding them and are always ready to interact. These artificial creatures are conceived to exist through, for and amongst human beings. With their smiles and warm aspect, they participate in changing our relationship to technology, namely making it accessible to each and every one of us.

SPooN’s savoir-faire is therefore based on the fundamental dimensions of accessibility and modularity of technologies to enable a natural interaction with machines, whilst also programming without any technical prerequisites.

Jérôme's experience at 104factory

Hello, my name is Jérôme Monceaux, I am the founder of a company called Spoon that creates interactive characters. The idea is that these little characters accompany us in our different living spaces, whether they be cultural spaces, the city, our businesses and that they bring service and magic to our everyday life.

The CENTQUATRE is a very flexible, agreeable venue, filled with diversity. The variety of people present is a marvellous test to vet this kind of character and its behaviour, as it enables us to gradually perfect the creation!

Being part of this community of entrepreneurs at 104factory simply enabled us, at first, to stick together. It also allowed us to explore together this Parisian world of business whilst also keeping our “shared originality” of being in the midst of a strong cultural dimension and to have a different view on things.

“The variety of people present is a marvellous test […] as it enables us to gradually perfect the creation!”

If I had to mention one anecdote of our 104 experience, I would think back to the moment when we installed one of our interactive characters in the collective space and we realised that people appreciated leaving a trace in the creature and making its behaviour evolve! The CENTQUATRE-PARIS personnel was very positive regarding the robot: they explained to people how it worked, they took some time with them, smiling and sharing a moment of joy!