Selection process

Step 1 : to apply, please fill in a project application and send it with the team’s CV’s to incubateur(a)


Step 2 : study of the project application by an incubator project manager, who will check the eligibility of the application and, if need be, propose a meeting with the project holder.

Step 3 : depending on step 2, presentation in front of a selection committee composed of experts and professionals for innovation, artistic creation and research.


Closed date of the call for applications : 25 January 2019


Eligibility criteria for the applications :

  •  A technological or use/service innovation, or both
  •  The solidity of the team, its motivation and the complementarity of the project holders
  •  A vision of the business plan and the economic model that is planned
  •  An experimentation stake with the public and/or the cooperation of the artistic teams in residency, that would be necessary for the project to move forward.
  • Proof of a reliable concept


Incubated profile

The targeted public is young businesses or project holders that are looking to create their business during the incubation.

The business project must have an artistic, cultural or creative aspect. This aspect can be expressed:

  • By the very nature of the project
  • By the existence of job prospects in the cultural and creative industries (performing arts, music, visual arts, audiovisual, cinema, radio, media, publishing, press, architecture, urban landscaping, heritage, design, fashion, culinary art, crafts, etc.)
  • In the conception, production or fabrication process determined by multi-disciplinary teams that associate creators, designers, researchers, industrials