Our startups at the moment


Revolutionizing dance training with motion capture
Danc.R is a mobile platform that measures the progress of users reproducing the sequences of their models.


Creating art installations with augmented reality
Novaya is a company specializing in the creation of immersive artistic installations using augmented reality.

Caractères Paris

Building bridges between luxury and craftsmen

The team of Caractères offers a turnkey service to luxury brands by selecting craftsmen with exceptional know-how!

Karbone Prod.

When art becomes ecological

Karbone Prod. is a cultural engineering agency that supports you with new tools to limit and reduce the environmental impact of your artistic productions and exhibitions.


Promoting reuse in the construction industry
REMIX is a design office that develops techniques for the reuse of construction materials.


Presenting et delivering audio projects professionally
Voice actors, musicians and sound engineers, simplify your life and improve the experience of your customers from the first contact to payment. 


Sharing exhibition design resources
Plinth is an online platform for donating and receiving objects and materials used in the cultural sector.

La Réponse D

Decor. Design. Desirable. Sustainable Development

La Réponse D. is a creation and production studio in eco-designed sets and scenography, which defends a desirable, comitted and inventive design.


Allowing the transition towards other digital worlds

hérétique helps individuals and organizations to think, create and transmit alternative digital experiences. 

The Analog Club

Analog photography in 360°

Exhibitions, online media, immersive gallery and brand specializing in the upcycling of cameras, The Analog Club is the reference ecosystem to discover analog photograpy.

Polaire Studios

Powerful stories to put us into action

Polaire Studios is a production studio that supports NGOs, committed companies and public institutions in the creation of impactful audiovisual content around ecology and human rights.

Atelier Daruma

Innovation for art and entertainment

Atelier Daruma is an award winning innovation studio skilled in all spectrum of immersive storytelling. 


Production of live immersive experiences

Emersiøn is dedicated to the production, creation and distribution of immersive live shows. It also aims to operate the first place dedicated to immersive experiences in Paris.

Our alumni
formerly incubated


Explore the sens of smell in all its forms.


Onyo offers ecological and sensory fables to bring a moment of wonder in our daily lives.


Placing the public at the heart of immesive and artistic installations.

TADA ! Immersive

The star of the show is you !

InPhoto Festival

The Shazam of Fine Art photography.

Explor Visit

Connecting cultural institutions with their distant visitors.


Connecting generations through art.


Experience music differently, experience it live!

Jaune Fabrique

Alto wakes you up in a singular and smooth way, with light and sounds effects


Create unique jewelry, in just a few clicks ! 


With Pablo, finding the exhibition you want has never been so simple. 


Immersive narratives combining performative arts and new technologies. 

Vidi Guides

An audioguide application that allows you to better discover cities and cultural places.

Digital Rise

A studio of immersive narratives and virtual reality.

Le pavé Parisien

A customizable and repairable concrete mobile speaker.

Double Jack

A studio of virtual reality games that teach you how to conduct an orchestra.

Atomic 3

A startup incubated as part of our partnership with Quebec.

Diversion Cinema

VR creators and distributors of immersive works.


Furniture that is committed to the environment.


Experience the atmosphere of a live club! 


Reinventing electronic music through gesture.


A clever puzzle to be solved by several people.


The new digital experience of dance. 


Virtual reality that touches the soul.

Mamie Foodie

A catering service that honors grandma’s cooking.



The new generation of indoor leisure.


Amplified entertainment experiences.


Helpoing talented designers and artisans from South Africa.

Smart Instruments

Transforming the qualities of acoustic instruments without a speaker.


A stopper designed to adapt to any bottle of wine.


An app that lets you sing like a pro.


A start-up that revolutionizes instrument making.

Sonic Solveig

To listen to music in a different way.


Multimedia collective combining street art and interactive projections.


Create, make, and sell natural silk objects. 


Sensitive travels combining music and massage.


A tool for creation professionals. 

Augmented Acoustics

Increase the sound experience during live concerts.


Integrating art to our daily life.


Enriching the experience of athletes on cardio machines. 

La fabrique de la Danse

An innovative choreographic space.


A website which democratizes the organization of parties online. 

Les Talentueuses

Promoting women artists.


The first French virtual singer. 


Democratizing music practice. 

Chouette Box

A creative and educative box for 3 to 7 year old children.

S&B Digital

Enriching the experience of a TV show via the smartphone or tablet. 


Augmented reality and scenography: a double immersion.


Digital Essence

Enriching the visual animation of shows and events.


An innovative professional social network for entertainment workers.


Innovative device for the instrumental control of electronic and digital sound.


Learning music without theory.

Minuit Une

For a new approach of the scenographic lighting.

La Nouvelle Fabrique

A micro urban factory inspired by FabLab.


Innovative lighting solutions for the enhancement of works of art.


Connected object technologies that change our relationship to music.


A laboratory dedicated to research on emerging media and transdisciplinary creation.