Culture Impact is an urban laboratory for the ecological transition in culture. It is implementing a program that aims to reshape practices and foster innovations that reduce the environmental footprint of the cultural sector.

1. Eco-cultural demonstrator

The demonstrator at CENTQUATRE-PARIS redesigns and renovates spaces at the center (incubator, exhibition spaces, visitor areas, etc.) based on the principles of eco-design and reuse.

2. New program to support positive-impact companies

This custom-tailored program is designed to drive forward the ecological transition in the cultural sector by lending support to companies on a group and individual basis, as part of a network with the community.
Experimental trials can be set up at CENTQUATRE-PARIS, La Villette, Universcience, and Philharmonie des enfants.

3. Event program

  • A lecture series during the 2022/2023 season to offer insights into the dynamics at play in the new responsible finance economy, purpose-driven companies, low tech, and more.
  • A showcase at the 7th edition of ’Open Factory on June 30 and July 1, 2023.

4. An innovative training program

This program for culture professionals teaches effective approaches and best practices for advancing the sector’s ecological transformation.

Help us make the project come to life!

We need your help to take this initiative to the next level, continue rolling out this ambitious program, and build an active Culture Impact community.!


It’s vital that we encourage and spur on projects and innovations that are beneficial to the social and ecological transition in the cultural sector.

Let’s work together to support innovative projects and initiatives, to bring about positive change in the cultural sector and society as a whole!

Startups with a high social and environmental impact
supported by our incubator


Connecting generations through art
ARTORA offers talks on culture for seniors in retirement homes, residences and senior clubs. The team uses art to bring together people from different generations.


Sharing exhibition design resources
Plinth is an online platform for donating and receiving objects and materials used in the cultural sector.


Promoting reuse in the construction industry
REMIX is a design office that develops techniques for the reuse of construction materials.